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What is the BIJOU?

the story

The Story

After losing his fiancé in a fire, Tyler is given a short window of time by an archeologist to travel back to the moment the fire occurred, but on the condition of saving the archeologist’s daughter who died at the same incident.

time travel

The Time Travel

Stanton, the archeologist, has a time travel device called the “Bijou” which can send a person to a moment of his most vivid memory, letting him become his own self of the past. But the Bijou only works once in a person’s life and once sent it is permanent. Since the person can't choose the exact moment, Tyler has no guarantee that he will have enough time to save both lives.

the choices

The Choices

A guy wants to save his fiancé's life. Another man wants the guy to go save his daughter's life. The guy's fiancé wants him to live as well. However, not everyone can survive. The BIJOU is about choice. Moral choices people face in an extraordinary situation.

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